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You can select a winner at any time. You don't have to wait until the end of your auction.


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why? Primarily to deter fake listings.

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Vehicle Shippers

  • Saves You Time - It would take you hours to call around and reach as many transporters as we can in an instant and who are ready to earn your business.
  • Saves You Money - Your listing will get far more exposure. We all know that more competition leads to better pricing.
  • Anonymous - Nobody will have your contact information so you won't be bothered by pushy sales people. All bidding and communication is done through the system never sharing your identity.
  • No Obligation - You are not obligated to select any of the bidders. Transporters are happy to provide you with offers if it means the chance they can earn your business. This is just a more efficient way of doing it for all involved.

Vehicle Transporters

  • Lead Generator - We bring you people looking to ship their vehicles and offer you the chance to bid for their business.
  • More Exposure - Your company gets a public profile on our site that you can customize.
  • Increased Sales - gives you that "second chance" that maybe you would not otherwise get to refine your price.
  • No Obligation - We give you 25 credits to try our system for free. You are not tied to any monthly fees or contracts. You will always receive notifications for customers who want bids and you can decide whether you would like to submit a bid or not - no pressure.
  • Real-time bidding console for professionals showing bid status and amount
  • 60 second grace period for retraction of bids in the event a mistake was made
  • Clearly highlights INOP transports and special notes written by customer
  • Optional email/text notifications sent for each event
  • Can integrate with any system using our bidding API
  • Customer console for watching real-time bidding
  • One click to select a winner - don't have to wait until the end of the auction
  • Internal messaging keeping customer information private
  • Free public profile page for customer reference
  • Includes internal review system